Bir Billing Marathon

Bir Billing Marathon

Have you been practising for the marathons?

Curious about your stamina and strength?

Then it’s time to truly test yourselves amidst the serene, but challenging Himalayas at Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh.

11th April 2021

Gear up for a mountain marathon in the Kangra Valley

For the nature and the challenge!!

Why Bir Billing Marathon?

How good it is to run a marathon without caring about the distance or time? Such is the charm of running in the meadows, Oak and Deodar trees on both the sides of the road and feeling the clean and fresh air of mountains inside the lungs.

The most fascinating aspect of the race is the sublime locations runners will cross. They will get to experience the true essence of a quaint Himalayan valley steeped in Buddhist culture, while running past small settlements, fields, meadows, streams, rivers, and monasteries.

1130m Ascent | 8hrs Cutoff


The mountainous course will extract every ounce of your strength and determination to carry on and yet you will love every bit of it.

The route cuts through the scenic Bir region of the Kangra valley–through pine forests and alpine meadows, past hill streams and through small Tibetan settlements steeped in Buddhist culture. The course is a mix of tarmac and jeep track on rolling terrain. Each passing km opens up new vistas and the views are breathtaking. At 30km the course reaches Baijnath and merges with the Half Marathon course.

650m Ascent | 4hrs Cutoff

02.Half Marathon

A half marathon for your personal bliss and not your personal best. Test your GrIT and endurance.

The course is a mix of tarmac and jeep track on rolling hills, it takes runners towards the serene and tranquil Bhattu Monastery. Enjoy the rigorous run while experiencing the beautiful countryside.

210m Ascent | No cutoff


A refreshing yet challenging course for beginners.

The route takes runners towards the iconic and beautiful Stupas at the Sherabling Monastery. After a short 500m of a killer climb, the route is rolling for next 4.5km till the Stupas where runners take a U turn to trace their way back to finish.

For everyone - Old or Young

04.3km FUN RUN

Came on a vacation with your running crazy family and friends. Fret not, get a taste of why they love it so much!!

When we say it’s not just a Marathon, but an ADVENTURE!!

we mean

A true mountain experience

Runners Village

Runners’ Village is an idea born out of our passion for running, given shape by the observations we’ve had over the years. For the joy of staying in the middle of nature in a village raised exclusively for fellow runners and their companions is an experience best lived, and not described. The Runners’ Village is a concept village built exclusively for the runners, something that has so far happened only in events like Olympics and Asian Games.

The Runners Village is the idea of extending co-running to co-living during the duration of Bir-Billing Marathon (9th to 11th April 2021) in a makeshift village for runners and those who accompany them for the event.

This year to give runners a memorable experience we have associated with few of the best campsites in Bir in the middle of Dhanari Forest. The Runners Village this year will have – Bamboo Cottages, Jungle Safari Tents, Swiss tents, Dome Tents to choose from.
From Luxury to budget travellers, there’s an alternative for all.



Eco-friendly village with all basic amenities. The RV is for over 200 people set in a grassland amidst the pine tree forests of Bir.

The village isn’t just about living, but about co-living. To celebrate the spirit of running and camaraderie, there will be various activities and events planned. Some of them are a music, standup comedy, sightseeing, local treks and mountain biking. There will be a platform for runners to share their extraordinary running or travel stories with pictures or videos. We will also be screening some movies that most of you haven’t seen before.


02.Buddhist Culture


The area around Bir is steeped in Buddhist culture, home to almost a dozen monasteries and large Tibetan settlements. Whether you’re in the mood to admire the ornate architecture or to lose yourself in the meditative prayer chants, head to any of these Buddhist centres for your share of introspection and spiritual bliss.




Known as the one of the world’s best paragliding destinations, Bir boasts of what’s known as a great set of conditions for flying. So much that the 2015 Paragliding World Cup was organised here.

One needs to experience a flight first hand to understand what brings hundreds of paragliders from across the world to Bir every year.



What better way to round off your visit to the hills than to explore the area around the Bir valley. The area has many lesser known thrills and experiences that are waiting to be discovered. The numerous adjoining villages are interconnected with a series of crisscrossing trails and pedestrian paths – creating fairy woodlands for as many adventures as you have time for. Hop on a mountain bike or bring out your hiking boots… Get out and explore.



For the convenience of runners, we are arranging a shuttle bus service from Delhi/Chandigarh to Bir and back. This will be an air conditioned Volvo bus only for runners departing at a fixed time from Delhi/Chandigarh.

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