A runner is born either out of passion or desperation. Why do people run? Why suffer the distance? It is when they cross the finish line, that something changes in them. The grit pushes them all the way to the finish line; even when they hate every second of that with tired and heavy legs. We bring you another GrIT – the Grand Indian Trails.

GrIT, crafts mountain endurance races in the Himalayas and the Western Ghats. As the name suggests, is passion and perseverance. What it takes in endurance racing, is passion for the sport and perseverance for facing the challenges – mental as well as physical.

Who we are


What we do

01.Mountain Ultra Trails

Be it in the arid landscape and steep climbs of the Western Ghats, the lush coffee vegetation of the Nilgiris or the Himalayas up in the north we’ve got races for your liking. Discover with GrIT the variety of landscapes and explore yourself.

What we do

02.Ultra Road Races

Who says road running is monotonous, when every kilometre opens up a new vista and a breathtaking view, there’s always something to keep up with. The challenging routes will test your true GrIT and endurance.

What we do

03.Training and Camps

To be able to tackle these races and challenges, we also train and setup training camps in the mountains. The IAAF certified coaches are professional athletes themselves and are well respected in the community.

Meet our team

Runners to the Core

A team of professional runners, adventure enthusiasts and hard core outdoor lovers.

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Bir Billing Marathon

Experience the true essence of a quaint Himalayan valley steeped in Buddhist culture, while running past small settlements, fields, meadows, streams, rivers, and monasteries.