A runner is born either out of passion or desperation. Why do people run? Why suffer the distance? It is when they cross the finish line, that something changes in them. The grit pushes them all the way to the finish line; even when they hate every second of that with tired and heavy legs. We bring you another GrIT – the Grand Indian Trails.

GrIT, crafts mountain endurance races in the Himalayas and the Western Ghats. As the name suggests, is passion and perseverance. What it takes in endurance racing, is passion for the sport and perseverance for facing the challenges – mental as well as physical.

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If you like to run high in the Himalayas, we’ve got a race for you, if you like to run in the lower region of the Indian Himalayas, we’ve got covered that also. Be it in the arid landscape and steep climbs of the Western Ghats or the lush coffee vegetation of the Nilgiris, we’ve got races for your liking. Discover with GrIT the variety of landscapes and explore yourself. Taking in inspiration from the established races of Europe and America, and learning from the best in the field, we design our races professionally to bridge that gap in India. Let’s show some grit on the trails!

12th-14th Feb 2021

01.Deccan Ultra

With trails nestled deep in the Sahyadri Range, Deccan Ultra, an ultra mountain trail run is set on some of the most beautiful virgin landscape. The route includes the highest peak of Maharashtra, Kalsubai and also the toughest triple-trouble forts in Sahyadri; Alanggad, Madangad and Kulanggad, commonly called the AMK.

Categories – 115km | 80km | 55km | 30km | Kalsubai Challenge

11th April 2021

02.Bir Billing Marathon

Run a marathon without caring about the distance, such is the charm of running through the meadows, Oak and Deodar forest and feeling the clean and fresh air of Bir inside the lungs. At Bir–Billing Marathon, runners will get a chance to experience the spirituality and the tranquillity of Bir. The marathon can be combined with loads of other adventures.

Categories: 42.2km | 21.1km | 10km | 3km Fun Run

16th May 2021

03.ABVIMAS Manali Mountain Marathon

Everyone has a different connection with the mountains. Some find it by slowing down and picking up a book while others prefer to get their soles dirty and scale its heights. The hub for Adventure and Winter Sports, Manali is now set to host a marathon for all the adrenaline seekers. Winding roads, snow capped peaks, dazzling river, and running through high altitude forest, an adventure to look out for.

Categories – Marathon | Half Marathon | 12km | 6km | Kids Run

5th - 6th June 2021

04.Dhauladhar Sky Trails

A race in the Dhauladhar range of the lower Himalayas – With high altitude glacial lakes, dense pine forests, snow-capped peaks, and the rocky faces of the lower Himalayas, the Dhauladhar Sky Trails will offer a gruelling yet beautiful race route. It is your reason to visit the adobe of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala.

Categories – 85km | 50km | 30km | Triund Rush

16th October 2021

05.The Coffee Trails

In Coorg, the Scotland of India, The Coffee Trails takes runners through the beautiful coffee estates and three of the highest peaks in the area; Thadiandamol (the tallest peak in Coorg), Kabbe and Chomakund. The views are breath-taking and you’ll also get to sip some steaming hot coffee right from the estates!

Categories – 62km | 31km | 11km Thadiandamol Challenge

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Beautiful Indian Landscape

India, a land of diverse terrain, ranging from the rocky faces of the Himalayas to the forested slopes of the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats, offering gruelling and challenging race routes. At GrIT, we explore the best trails around country for you.